Lilly Hastedt is a GIA Certified Gemologist and Goldsmith whose Atelier is in London’s Notting Hill. Lllly’s aesthetic sensibility is inspired by growing up immersed in Guatemala’s natural abundance of colour, form and symmetry. Each piece is handmade by Lilly and her trusted team of trained specialists of over 20 years. Together, they source, cut and set stunning gemstones of the most intense and vivid quality, all enveloped in the purest of metals like platinum or 18 carat gold.


Lilly’s love of jewellery grew from a childhood memory of her mother delving into her grandmother’s antique safe to open tiny trinket boxes. The excitement of discovering the treasures within is the anticipation Lilly aspires to build for her clients.

A family reputation as renowned jewellers in Guatemala City inspired an ambition to gain technical expertise in the art of jewellery making: Guatemala had had no female jewellery makers at the time.


The first step was a move to California where Lilly graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 1990.

Then, combining curiosity about her ancestry (Lilly’s grandparents emigrated to Central America in the early nineteenth century) with a family recommendation of Germany’s recognised leadership in the technical field, Lilly began a journey to learn German at the Goethe Institute, and to win a three year traditional Goldsmith apprenticeship in Hamburg. Next, Lilly further advanced her technical expertise with an invitation to gain a Master of Arts in Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at the former Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in London where she was tutored by eminent jewellers. Lilly continues to learn and to innovate; she now applies 3D design techniques in her design process, integrating it with traditional goldsmith techniques.


From creating one of a kind pieces in her London flat via her international clients’ private commissions and word of mouth, Lilly soon moved to a studio in Clerkenwell. By 2011, an expansion to a boutique in Chelsea was needed. Lilly was also accepted as an exhibitor at the prestigious Goldsmith’s Fair for 11 years where her industry profile gained recognition and her clientele broadened. Outgrowing the beloved Chelsea boutique, 2017 saw Lilly launch her first Atelier in Notting Hill where clients are cocooned within Lilly’s signature designs and where individual pieces are forged in her workshop.


Lilly invites you to visit her in London’s Notting Hill to experience her transformative jewellery: looks flow from day wear into evening, from casual to haute couture but always endure as legacy treasures born of the most rare, vibrant gems, precious materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Lilly also specialises in collaborating with clients to develop exclusive pieces or to breathe fresh life into heirlooms.