Lilly is a perfectionist and sources wonderful gemstones and pearls. She is very open to ideas, and then improves on them!

Anonymous, London

I admire Lilly’s work for her endless invention, her flair for colour and her exquisite craftsmanship. I have a small collection of beautiful pieces by her: my favourites are her classic bon bon rings because they combine elegance and fun. I have four, collected over the years. Each has a different stone, and I choose which to wear based on my outfit and my mood. They always lift my spirits!

Olivia, London

Lilly is so welcoming, when you walk into the shop you feel like you’re coming to your very talented and creative cousin’s home. She very interested to hear what you are looking for and discusses with you to get exactly what is it you’re after. Why would you go anywhere else?

Sonya Mihelic, London

I love Lilly’s jewellery. It is always so beautifully crafted. And a real pleasure to wear.

Goldsmiths Fair Ambassador, London

What I find Lilly and her work is that neither take themselves seriously but the workmanship & design are serious, timeless and has no need to be a name. Her jewellery is wearable in whatever situation one finds oneself.

Ngila, London

I love Lilly’s jewellery for it’s unusual use of colour and form. She is always warm and helpful and open to changes of stone or design. I would buy the whole shop if I could!

An Admiring Client, London